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If history and rickety beamed buildings from the middle-ages is your thing, then Lavenham will deliver like no other.

Widely acknowledged as the best example of a medieval wool town in England, Lavenham boasts a beautiful late 15th-century timber-framed Guild Hall that over-looks a picture-perfect market square.

Having been one of the wealthiest towns in the country through its cloth and weaving trade, its demise followed after Dutch refugees in Colchester began producing cheaper alternatives.

Although catastrophic for the local economy and people, this crash in the weaving industry actually safe-guarded the majority of the buildings as the poor Lavenham residents couldn’t afford to update and improve their houses and they survive as they were, today.

Lavenham has a small primary School next to the market square and is also blessed with a few fine shops and about 6 pubs and restaurants.

As for road and rail links, Lavenham is geographically well placed to nearby popular towns. The nearest railway station is Sudbury which is about 7 miles away. The larger towns of note are Bury St Edmunds, 12 miles to the North and the Roman town of Colchester, 18 miles South.

The whole area of South East Suffolk and North Essex is dotted with towns and historic villages that were prominent back in the day and offer exceptional properties. They include Hadleigh, 9 miles South East, the Dedham vale AONB, 17 miles South East and the nearest coastal waters of the river Stour at Manningtree about 19 miles away.

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